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Our local history is very fascinating and interesting. Have you ever taken time to look into local history? How it shaped the dynamics of Squamish? I know everyday our team of caregivers hear remarkable stories from the past. For the One you Love engages our clients in daily activities where they interact within their communities and home environment. In the below article Eric Anderson shares some interesting history on a new display coming to the Squamish Adventure Centre. Eric has a deep knowledge of our local history. He has researched many details, and takes the time to relish in the story from the men that worked back then.

A beautifully restored 1942 International logging truck is on display across from the Squamish Adventure Centre and, according to Sea to Sky Forestry Centre Society plans, will soon have a nice protective shelter.

There is some community social history we can be reminded of with this truck. In the days of the big railway logging camps of the 1920s and 30s, there was no family life.

Transient workers came up to Squamish from hiring agencies on Vancouver’s skid row, and mostly kept to the bunkhouses (and, indeed, were encouraged to, by the fathers of the community!) and disappeared back to “Big Smoke” soon again.

In addition to its many advantages for forest management, truck logging changed the social life of Squamish and many other coastal communities – and for the better. Loggers could return home to their families every night.

When we hear about the contribution of the forest industry in building the community of Squamish, it is really truck logging we should have in mind. As for the railway loggers, they did show off their engineering skills and left some good stories, but they mostly came and went. – by Eric Anderson

It is important for us to engage with our clients, so they continue experiencing success and the feeling of making a difference in our community. We often plan outings based on the interest of our clients, so don’t be surprised if you see us hanging around the logging truck display

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