Tips for Handling Agitation & Aggression

February 12, 2016


There is a lot for someone suffering from Alzheimer's and/or Dementia to get agitated about. They forget why they are in a certain room, why they can't drive themselves to the grocery store, how they got somewhere, who they are talking to, etc. There are some key tips listed below that can help you and your loved one keep their agitation and aggression to a minimum.


1. Let the person keep as much control in their life as they can handle. Do not strip them of all responsibility. 

2. Keep well-known and love items around the home, for example, an old familiar chair or family photographs. 

3. Try to limite the amount of caffine and sugar they consume daily. 

4. Structure their days with routine, such as; making their bed, going for a walk and making dinner.

5. Talk calmly and slowly. Make sure they can see your face and mouth when you speak.

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