Warning Signs of Alzheimer's Disease

1. Difficulty doing familliar tasks such as driving, cooking, getting dressed

2. Time and Space Disorientation such as losing track of dates, getting lost on familliar streets, judging distance

3. Problems with Abstract Thinking such as diffulty concentrating, following simple instructions or recipes

4. Misplacing Things like putting clothes in the fridge, dishes in the bathtub, the wristwatch in the sugar bowl

5. Changes in Behaviour such as mood swings, depression and lack of interest

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"Patricia King, Owner of For the One You Love, has worked with my mother on a two to three times a week basis for well over one year now.  My mother lives at Hilltop House due to her inability to cope on her own at home.  She has been diagnosed with vascular dementia.  I am her daughter and live far away so I can not be there very often for my mother."

                                                                                  ~ Long-Term Client's Daughter


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